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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
Dude we're lucky a studio even released this film, let alone on blu-ray and a very good transfer, actually. The movie looks fantastic. Considering Olive released it, we were lucky enough to get a director's commentary as well.

So they didn't include a trailer or a shitty TV spot. At least they didn't fuck up the transfer like many studios do.
First off, A-fucking-men. In this day in age, with everything companies like Shout! and Criterion do for their releases, I think we as fans take it for granted and just expect to have 4 commentary tracks, a 2 hour making of documentary, and every single trailer and TV spot released added to a BD. Yeah, all that stuff is cool, but I think sometimes we lose sight of why we buy these releases in the first place. THE FILM. That's why it kind of irks me to see people complain about extras not being ported over or no menu (how many times did you find yourself saying "The movie sucked, but that was a great fucking menu")...I think we are lucky enough to be able to have these films in our homes and more or less looking better than they did when they were playing in the theater.

Secondly, when ronnie says "white specs", are we talking about print damage or film grain? If we are talking about print damage, that issue is basically inevitable. Unless you are working with the OCN or spending thousands of dollars for a lab to meticulously clean the print frame by frame, there are going to be damage issues. I never find it be overtly distracting and I think it actually gives some of these films character. Especially in the case of The Boogens...check out Code Red's release of Mausoleum or Pets if you want distracting.

If we are talking about film grain, how close are you sitting to your TV...might I suggest you move 5 ft. back? I don't think I have ever watched a BD and have been THAT distracted by film grain to actually call it a disappointing transfer...of course aside from the transfers that have had digital noise artificially added. Usually, film grain is a positive aspect to see in a transfer. The detail in The Boogens would be nonexistent if it wasn't for that film grain. Do I have to bring up Predator?
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