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I checked this out on iTunes. As far as documentaries go, I thought it was average. I didn't find it to be that particularly well made...some of the editing was wonky, and the transitions between subject matter were abrupt. For example, one second they are talking about pan and scan, and all the sudden we are on the topic of porn. Kind of odd transition if you ask me.

The subject matter was great...would have preferred to hear more from the film makers and pioneers of the VHS boom, or maybe information on the various companies. I thought for sure Band would have had a larger role in the film. But I guess, they had a lot of ground to cover so, you can't fault them for not going into too much depth. I liked the eclectic group of interviewees...From Don May, to the Alamo Drafthouse guys, to Elvira, to the cover artists...great selection of interviews.

Even the collectors weren't that annoying to hear from. Dormarth looks like a dude I would hang out with,... but that bald dude is a total creeper.

All-in-all it was interesting. Not sure if I'd ever revisit it again, but it was cool to watch.
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