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Spellcaster is not very good. It moves faster than Video Dead, if you're going to complain about such a clever, interestingly genre-bending film. It has some random nobodies (well, they're nobodies to me) and then Bunty Bailey (because it's Empire Pictures and they did Stuart Gordon's Dolls, which she was in) and Richard Blade (who played a VJ in every movie I've seen him in- so I assume he was one in his professional career). And Adam Ant, who's just a lot better here than Thomas Dolby was in Rockula, though that's essentially what he's doing there. But he's only in the movie for about 3 minutes. It's basically a one-by-one movie about people dying in weird ways in a mansion because the Devil is sacrificing people, using their greed against them. Interesting idea, blah execution.
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