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The original film did spend a lot of time trying to shoot a fan-loving Halloween movie... which is why it's kind of strange, not to mention SAVAGELY off-putting, that it's such a stupidly hateful movie. It seems to be trying to say Halloween is a vicious holiday and we've seen it get the soft touch too many times... Yeah, that's why we really need someone with no grasp of nuance, complexity, brutality (beyond the Cut + Paste new millennium garbage we see in every horror film of the last 10 years, what I'm saying is that they failed to inject their story or characters with the intensity they so desperately wanted, and needed because they put so much emphasis on it), intelligence, or subversion to give us a collection of sexist, ignorant, childish body-horror hijinks with superficial music video flair. It's another one of those movies where, if you're a smart person, every character is so lifeless, stupid, and aggressive that it makes you want to hurt the people who made the movie. I'm sorry, but everyone I've run into who praises this fails to actually address the characters and their role in the stories. The fans just go: it was a good idea. Um... the job of a movie is to take an idea and flesh it out. This does not happen in post production. It actually requires intelligent handling of worthwhile characters. They don't have to be smart, but they do have to be smart in their stupidity or hatefulness. This movie just throws shit onscreen.

And it's fucking incredibly offensive. If you paid attention. Though, nothing is more offensive than the idea that this is all the movies it rips off but, yeah, a brutal look at this overcommercialized, child-friendly holiday... Which has been fucking dying off as an American Tradition for YEARS before this movie was made... This is the final piece of evidence proving the makers of this film are completely beyond understanding. Every situation in this movie takes something we like about Halloween and perverts it to insult what we don't take seriously about it. By showing, let's cut the shit here: Sexy Chicks in Tight Costumes who at least get attention from everyone who wants to get drunk and get laid. This is made abundantly clear in monotonously sleazy scene after monotonously sleazy scene (and don't even get me started on the children!!!). This is their way to rebel against... CHARLIE BROWN?!?!?!? If you really aren't following me in the slightest right now, I would have to write a paper on the patronizing stupidity of that ambition. That legacy of Halloween is only alive in nostalgia, on the internet. On the fucking street: Halloween IS about people in slutty, tight costumes getting drunk, partying, and getting laid. That is like going into a high school cafeteria because you want to expose the potentially harmful (depending on what universe and time you're in) clique-mentality of high school, going right past the football player and cheerleader tables and starting a screaming match with the people at the "quote unquote" nerd table.
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