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There have been a lot of cool things happening with Sader Ridge over the last week. On Friday we got 3 stars from in a great review that called the film "A slow, scary, ambiguous descent into the darkest part of the human psyche and one assembled by filmmakers who remember that what you don’t see almost always trumps what you do." You can check out the full review here

Over the weekend the film had its Indiana Premiere at the Dark Carnival Film Festival. While there it won awards for Best Actor (D'Angelo Midili), Best Cinematography (Jeremy Berg), and Best Music (Trip Like Animals).

Then today the news was revealed via Dread Central that the film has been picked up for worldwide distribution by Ruthless Pictures and retitled The Invoking. You can read the article here. I'm not sure if the title of this thread can be changed, but from here on out the movie will play in festivals and eventually on DVD as The Invoking. There isn't any definitive home video news to announce yet, but the production team and Ruthless are working hard on making sure the film gets out to as many people as possible all over the world. Keep up on the latest news at the film's soon-to-be retitled Facebook page.
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