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OMG! Here's the final list of things I will expect soon in my mailbox. Hope it holds :

  • Il Padroni della Citta (Raro Italy) Arrived
  • Emergency Squad (NoShame)
  • La Banda del Gobbo (FilmArt)
  • A Pistol for Ringo (KOCH)
  • Return of Ringo (KOCH)
  • Island of the Fishmen/ The Fishmen and their Queen (Marketing)
  • Shoot First, Die Later (RARO US)
  • Frauen bis zum Wahnsinn... (CAMERA OBSCURA)
  • Vestito per Mariale (CAMERA OBSCURA)
  • Assassination (RHV)
  • Liberi Armati E Pericolosi (Raro Italy)
  • Napoli Serenata Calibro 9 (Raro Italy)
  • Squadra Antiscippo (Raro Italy)

And two CDs:

2lp in 1cd:L'uomo+O.S.T. Milano Calibo 9
Diario Di Viaggio Della Festa Mobile

And my best mate bought me this:

"People scare better when they're dyin' "
My DVDs My CDs

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