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Originally Posted by Chomp View Post
It looks like another over-produced, CGI-infested fuckfest...shame too because it has a nice cast.

I'm gonna check it out for Keaton though, if that fucker can make Jack Frost watchable I'm sure RoboBatman is a cake walk...if he wasn't in it I doubt I'd give two shits.
yeah, Keaton and Oldman, for me. But mostly Keaton.

however, it wouldn't be a proper "remake discussion thread" if I didn't start to nitpick and whine and bitch, so..........I don't like the black suit. I don't like the red visor-strip. He looks like a G.I. Joe. I'm also unreasonably upset that they didn't use the "Part man. Part machine. All cop." tagline. That shit was gold.
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