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That sounds very virtuous and normally, I would agree. But again, how you communicate something like violence onscreen makes a big difference in how the audience is being treated. And the characters. Having a few scratches and scrapes applied with makeup which only shows up after the villain's bus or car or the villain themselves explodes, when the hero is watching in the smoke / flames is not the same thing as an actual struggle. Which is how filmmakers often choose to show that a character has really been through something. It certainly makes a big difference in something like Heathers, which had Veronica laughing at the deaths of characters before she had to actually be beaten up to stop J.D. from killing the whole school. Then she has to shoot him multiple times in bloody closeups because - again - violence to them as far as we know has been an issue of spectatorship.

And that film was a comedy.

I certainly agree when it comes to sex: maybe 1 out of 100 instances of onscreen nudity actually involves an organic nude scene or a genuine moment of intimacy or vulnerability. And your Don't Look Now's are more like 1 in a thousand.

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