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Originally Posted by Steel76 View Post
It lacks the satire! The suit is different! Murphy is killed in a different way! etc. etc. etc.
How DARE they try something new with this reboot/remake
Isn´t that the whole point with a new version?

I like that Murphy´s memory and personality is intact, when he wakes up as Robocop in this version.
Ideally and in theory, you're right. But I'd hate to think just how rarely that's actually the case. If you see a remake and realize that it's an intelligently made film with a clear reason for existence, then that's something to celebrate. But I don't think the last 20 years have given us much reason to think that this is always or even often the case.

Remakes seem to be to the new millennium what sequels were to the 80's - a reliable way to use brand recognition to cash in on a fan base. The difference, though, is that sequels more often than not felt some pressure to establish some form of continuity, which I think a lot of people here respond well to. They also couldn't get away with exactly repeating parts from earlier films (flashbacks excluded). The modern remake is basically just a sequel where no one worries about continuity, and they can repeat popular scenes and catchphrases beat-for-beat whenever they want to.

This is all just academic, though. As far as the RoboCop remake goes, I'm not too bent out of shape. Like I said before, Keaton and Oldman are definite signs of potential quality.

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