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Originally Posted by MisterTwister View Post
The satire was a big part of the original, the suit looks like shit and murphy's death is horribly cliche and generic.

new and different my ass.
Yeah, I dislike when people give something credit just because they did it differently. If they did it differently and really thought it out and it came out well, then great. (see: Cronenberg's The Fly). However, if they make changes but it doesn't add or really fit well with the story, why give them credit at all? (see: Bayer's NOES) I much prefer for a remake to stick with the strengths of the original material if they are just making changes to make changes (so they can say hey, this is NEW) which only ends up diluting the power of the source material.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people that are remaking these movies don't really understand what makes them so special to fans anyway. They tend to remake movies now on a very surface level.
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