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I could never get worked up for this,I'm kinda "zombied out" ( vampires are wearing me down too),but a friend who was hot to see it treated me to a matinee (along with another one I didn't care about,WHITE HOUSE DOWN).I can say I preferred WWZ to Jamie Fox and Channing Tatem,but I was still fairly indifferent to it.It was more of an "infection" movie to me (like OUTBREAK) than a zombie film,or a horror film at all in fact.It was decently made and Pitt was solid but he was about the only character in it that really had much to do and had any develoment.The Isreali girl ALMOST developed.I found it watchable but gave me the impression that it was trimmed considerably.
DOCTOR WHO fans might wanna note that the show's next leading man turns up as a scientist late in Z.
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