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maybe it takes a little while to sync up? I just made the first entries into "my list" last night on the tablet. perhaps it will appear on the ps3 today? the tablet is a bit better, but still consists of rows. you can go to an entire page for each genre, and then it gives you rows of subcategories. I went to the horror genre and there were about 10 rows, with titles like "supernatural horror", "monster movies", and "slasher movies" etc, etc. opened things up quite a bit. also, whenever I would select a title it would give me 4 recommendations based on that title, which often led to stuff that wasn't in any of the rows. for example, there are a lot of jess franco titles available, which I was interested in. I may have to see if I can configure one of our laptops to run it as well, just to get a look at the entire catalogue though.
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