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Originally Posted by crikan View Post
If its one thing we don't like here at Horror Digital its someone with a strong opinions that we don't agree with. And it's easier to whine and ridicule than to ignore or come up with a reasoned argument against.
Like many have already posted, it has nothing to do with not agreeing with him. I don't agree with many on here, which only makes sense as we aren't all clones. It's the arrogant way he posts like he is right and everyone else is wrong. His opinions aren't opinions, they're facts, and if we don't agree, it's because we are idiots. And that's funny that you think you can have a reasoned argument with him. Has anyone been successful in doing so? Everyone else, yeah probably, him, no. How do you argue with someone that is always right?

And it's one thing for someone to dislike a film, but he hates every film! It's annoying to come into every thread and read why this movie or that movies sucks. And why if you like it it's because you are either an idiot, have no taste, or are a misogynist, or all three.

Even in this thread I stated how I was excited about a sequel to this film because I loved the first film.

Of course he has to reply,

"No, Trick 'R Treat sucked. Hard.

The only semi-decent thing about it is what it stole from other movies: Creepshow, Sleepy Hollow, The Lady in White, The Company of Wolves, House of 1000 Corpses, Scream, etc."

He does this all the time, in every thread! It's fine we get it, you don't like the movie. You have stated it several times! But why comes into a thread (Or every related thread for that matter) asking about a sequel only to attack anyone that liked the first film?

We have all got along in this thread for years now, but he seems to be the one that has just been merely tolerated. He steps on a lot of people's toes and is proud to do so. There's a reason a lot of people on here can't stand him, we haven't just blindly started hating on him.

State your opinion and move on, but don't sit there and hang out in the thread (One post wasn't enough, you needed 5 long posts to explain how much this movie sucks) so you can attack everyones posts who enjoyed the film. That's just annoying!
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