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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
And it's one thing for someone to dislike a film, but he hates every film! It's annoying to come into every thread and read why this movie or that movies sucks. And why if you like it it's because you are either an idiot, have no taste, or are a misogynist, or all three.
I don't know why I feel the need to do this with you, I ignore anyone else. But:

READ MY FUCKING POSTS if you're going to reference them. You're not talking about my posts, you're interpreting them. You are generalizing. You are seriously generalizing.

I have never once in my time on this board told anyone they were a misogynist nor have I even suggested it and you have no right to throw that accusation around. At all. Nor does anyone else have any right to contest this. At all.

I have every right to analyze films and be fucking pissed off by a latent disrespect shown toward women or any other group of people. This does not translate into judgmental accusations of hatred or intolerance on the part of any viewer. This is something I will not tolerate in this atmosphere of "anything goes" mudslinging against me. I take the real life issues I talk about very seriously.
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