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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
I don't know why I feel the need to do this with you, I ignore anyone else. But:

READ MY FUCKING POSTS if you're going to reference them. You're not talking about my posts, you're interpreting them. You are generalizing. You are seriously generalizing.

I have never once in my time on this board told anyone they were a misogynist nor have I even suggested it and you have no right to throw that accusation around. At all. Nor does anyone else have any right to contest this. At all.

I have every right to analyze films and be fucking pissed off by a latent disrespect shown toward women or any other group of people. This does not translate into judgmental accusations of hatred or intolerance on the part of any viewer. This is something I will not tolerate in this atmosphere of "anything goes" mudslinging against me. I take the real life issues I talk about very seriously.
For every one person on here who defends you, there are twenty who call you out on your bullshit. You simply do not get it:


This doesn't happen to every other member. This happens to you and you only. And it's been happening for years. People state explicitly what it is that pisses them off about your posts and you completely lack the humility to do any amount of objective introspection. If you start driving the wrong way down a one way street, and everyone honks, flashes their lights, and waves from the street, you don't keep driving.

Your response to all of this is complaining that no one reads your posts, no one understands what you're saying, we're all too big of idiots to not get it.


You are not some genius writer who won't be fully appreciated until after his death. And if you are, I suggest finding a forum where people have a high enough IQ to appreciate your work and leave us to drag our knuckles and throw shit at one another.
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