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Erick H.
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Anybody in the D.C./Maryland area should check out the AFI Silver Theater's slate for October and November.They are running a HORROR '73 festival,screening tons of 1973 released films on their 40th anniversary.Some of the titles are THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE,THE ASPHYX,THE VAULT OF HORROR,SISTERS,LEMORA:A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL,GANJA AND HESS,...AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS,THE CREEPING FLESH,TORSO (uncut),FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN,DON'T LOOK NOW,THE SATANIC RIGHTS OF DRACULA,MESSIAH OF EVIL,THE CRAZIES,THE KILLING KIND,THEATRE OF BLOOD and the newly restored THE WICKER MAN. Not part of the festival but also screenonng are GHOSTBUSTERS,the original NOSFERATU,SHAWN OF THE DEAD and BERBARIAN SOUND STUDIOS.The Silver is one of my favorite theaters (it was voted one of the best venues in the country)and it's a very ecclectic lineup,some rare ones there.Love to get up there.
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