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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
But remember the old trailer with the zombies in the sky?
That movie is Iron Sky, which is God-Awful. This is Frankenstein's Army, which is fucking fantastic. I loved this movie. The creature design, as we all know, is absolutely genius and every bit as creepy. Given the budget, I thought everything was absolutely superb,... the practical effects, the setting, the acting... Even the first person aspect was well done, although at times it did make it feel sort of "video-gamey"... though it never got distracting.

Even after seeing the Worst Case Scenario promo, I always thought the creature design was rather "Star Wars-ish" in its creation...after seeing the Making Of documentary...its nice to see my assumptions were correct....apparently the director is a big Star Wars fan.

The only thing I had hoped they'd expand upon is why they were able to make Frankenstein's Army, yet Worst Case Scenario got lost in development hell. That movie must be made.

Man, I think if these guys were given a half decent budget, they could make one of the best modern day horror movies...I kinda wish they would have saved some of these creatures for when they did get a bigger budget...really bring these freaks of nature to their full potential.
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