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Originally Posted by ronnie21 View Post
Tried showing my girl THE BURNING this weekend, man, lots of distractions,, amazing we got through it. First the dogs kept bothering us wanting attention every 5 mins. then the phones kept ringing. ect... then the doorbell rang.. come on. I believe The theater is the best place to really see a movie cause that's what your specifically there for. No dogs, no doorbells. phones should be turned off, and your attention should be focused on the big screen. Who agrees. who's had annoying times at home trying to show someone a movie that they had to pay attention to , to know whats going on in the movie??
Watching a movie in a theater is every bit as likely to annoy me, if not moreso, as watching at home. I can handle needy dogs much easier than I can handle needy theater audiences and I can turn off our phones and doorbells at home, if need be.
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