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Originally Posted by Ash28M View Post
I completely disagree. Whether or not you like films like Hostal or Saw they were the most relevant films of that time. They were a direct result of 9/11 and its aftermath. They weren't just shock value they also played on the fears and xenophobia of the day, just like the films of the 70's did. You were being challenged you just didn't realize it.
Hostel and Saw were both OK but I don't really feel the need to revisit them over and over. I do agree that they tapped into the country's mindset at the time in regards to xenophobia (at least Hostel did). However, when I saw Hostel in the theater people were way too keen to react to the bloodshed with shocked disgust rather than them being "scared".

I actually vacationed in the town Hostel was filmed and that really cemented the idea of how far fetched the story was (the town was beautiful, safe, and very touristy). Perhaps that was Roth's intention to play into American xenophobic fears by taking a safe foreign place and making it dangerous, but honestly I think both Taken movies did a better job at that.

Still though, I can't feel as if I'm being challenged by watched a torture film. Rather I think, "Oh it's this again...."
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