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This might be slightly off topic & this thread is not the place for it, but am I the only one that doesn't see the Saw series as "torture porn" ? Hostel movies definitely yes (both movies are based on torture for pleasure and sexual pleasure), but the Saw series , I always felt as mystery/puzzle horror. Is the Serpent & the Rainbow torture porn? There was a torture scene in that movie (involving genitals non the less) I can name you hundreds of movies with torture scenes, not all horror either that I would never classify as "torture porn". Was The Passion of the Christ "torture porn" ? Going back years ago films like Blood Sucking Freaks, is a great example of torture porn. Now compare that movie to Saw, and the word "porn" should never be associated with the series imo.

I blame Eli Roth, because until his movie, the phrase was never used before. 2 stupid movies and everybody gets categorized into his garbage. Now every critic throws that phrase out whenever there's a horror movie with excessive gore that's doesn't involve a zombie, monster, or ghost.
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