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Originally Posted by crikan View Post
I'm with her. I have no interest in torture-porn like SAW or HOSTEL and the amount of money you'd have to pay to watch THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE would be in the thousands. The only new horror I watch is the fun stuff like TRICK R' TREAT and THE CABIN IN THE WOODS.
Same here. Mainstream American Horror films have really lost their sense of fun. They just overdo it with tons of gore or cliches and feel made without any kind of heart.

I certainly felt Scream was made with a lot of heart. There are so many nods to other horror movies that are obviously intended for the fans to spot - how is that mocking? By this point, they weren't even really making slashers anymore so how could Scream kill the genre? It was already dead. Kevin Williamson is a proclaimed horror geek and Wes Craven obviously loves the genre - who on this film was mocking horror? I felt it played with the cliches and twisted them to make it fresh again. Back then, I was even surprised there was 2 killers.

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