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Dexter: The Series Finale

I know this show has lost it's relevance in recent memory since the number of horror related programming on television has increased, and the quality of the show has been rolling down hill fast. But I'm curious to know, for those we are still watching, what they are expecting/hoping in the final episode, and their thoughts on the series as a whole.

Personally, I was originally obsessed with Dexter at the beginning. It was cleaver, subversive, and overall absorbing for its first four seasons (Season four being some of the best television I've seen). Season five is where things started turning sour. I enjoyed the idea of Dexter having a relationship with another women who he could confine his dark secret with, but it resembled too much to season three and his relationship with Miguel, just in a non sexual way. It was obvious Showtime wanted to churn out as much profit as they could from the show when they announced three more seasons, but it was clear the writers had little left to work with. Season six was so mediocre I don't even know where to begin. The religious aspect that was barely played with on a mature or challenging level, a silly and predictable plot twist half way through the season, and one of the most unconvincing, lame serial killers in the series run (I'm sorry, but Colin Hanks does not have that kind of acting range to pull off this character, and the hokey writing didn't help either).
In short, Dexter's final season, which should have been an emotional, heart racing, roller coaster ride has been exhausting at best. The introduction of new main characters, dumb sub plots (I appreciate them trying to flesh out Masuka more, but at this point who cares, and that subplot died in the water several episodes ago), and poor writing has really destroyed what was once an incredible show. I really hope the finale ends strong, but I have a terrible feeling the writers will tie things up neatly, killing what little good the show has left to offer.
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