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Piero Vivarelli's THE SNAKE GOD (1970) from Mondo Macabro 12/10

Again unearthing the obscure, Mondo Macabro take us on a Caribbean vacation with Piero Vivarelli's Italian sexploiter THE SNAKE GOD (Il Dio Serpente, 1970). Traveling the tropics with her husband, young Paola (STARCRASH's Nadia Cassini) becomes increasingly interested in local teacher / voodoo practitioner Stella (THE WEEKEND MURDERS' Beryl Cunningham), eventually becoming exposed to and obsessed with the regional legend of Djamballa, the titular deity who may just be embodied in her new lover... Known more for its famous soundtrack than anything else due to its previous rarity, M2 attempt to give the film proper a shot with this new disc, also featuring a director interview, contextual notes and trailer. (Good job Mondo, now how 'bout SNAKE SISTERS?!)

DVD Preorder now up at Amazon. Direct link available at my Upcoming Releases list (12/10):

A selection of Fausto Papetti's score, edited to clips from the film:

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