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I'm looking for shooting locations for The Children (1980).

According to imdb, it was shot in Great Barrington, MA so a friend and I are planning to make a side trip there on the way to the Dusk til Dawn horror show in Coxsackie as it's only 15 minutes off our route. I've already located the cemetery used in the film on the north end of Stony Brook Rd using Google Street View, but wondered if anybody else here is from the area and knows where else we should check out. I'm also curious where the store and covered bridge is located. The covered bridge is a true mystery to me. You would think that it would be very easy to find, but I have to have spent 2 hours online looking through hundreds of photos and haven't found it. So either it's in another part of the country altogether than the northeast, it doesn't exist anymore, or it has had major renovation in the past 30 years. But either way one would think that there would be an archival photo out there, but nope. I PMed fellow board member Richard Anthony a week ago because he has mentioned in the past as being from that area, but I don't think that he checks in here all too often and even then he may overlook the fact that he has a PM so I'm throwing this out there for anybody to answer.

So if any of you can help, thanks!
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