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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
If you want to see how a series goes out on a high note just tune into Breaking Bad. Wow.
I'm with you on that one Dave. I don't think I've seen a show so well crafted in my life (Boardwalk Empire being the only thing that comes close). The character arches of both Jesse and Walter have been thrilling to watch, and I love all the symbolism and foreshadowing sprinkled through out the series. Walter, who was a very sympathetic character, has lost all his humanity and is detestable, and Jesse, who was a stooge, has be come the most sympathetic since he has lost all self respect for the things him and Walter have done.
This is where Dexter has failed in my opinion. The writers really have been playing things too safe since season five. The finale season should have been way more emotional than what we have gotten.
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