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Originally Posted by Dobby View Post
Why the hell do people who can't stop texting even bother going to the movies? It doesn't matter what time I have tried going to catch a movie. Even if I catch the 10AM matinee there is always someone texting. I have no desire to bother with movie theaters anymore.
Because most people go to the movies just because it's the "thing to do". It's more social than anything. People like us, real movie fans, will carefully decide which movies are worth our $10.50 before we even leave the house. And if there's nothing good playing at the theaters (quite often), we pop in our Blu-Rays of City of the Living Dead instead of subjecting ourselves to 20 minutes of trailers then 90 minutes of Adam Sandler.

When you don't have that much interest in the experience alltogether, it's a lot easier to tune out and answer your texts. Unfortunately, it just becomes a habit.
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