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Originally Posted by rhett View Post
In honor of the extensive FRIDAY THE 13TH doc, CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES, and, hell, why not, the less than definitive FRIDAY THE 13TH Blu-ray box set from Warner, let's look back at America's favorite slasher franchise. We did this poll as one of our very first polls here on the site when we converted to the new VB forum format back in 2004 (here), so it will be interesting to see if opinions have changed at all since. That also means we get to add the last two movies that have followed since. There's so much history here, and the series has been so consistent in its level of quality, I'm sure it'll be tough to find a definitive winner here, so share your thoughts below! Remember, love is a lie.
I probably picked Part 2 last time but now I prefer 3. I love the atmosphere of 2 more but the kills just aren't very interesting. You can tell that it was severely cut.
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