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II has been my go-to for years, and it's still probably my favorite, but I have to admit that of late THE NEW BLOOD really has risen up the scale for me. There's a lot I love about VII. Lar is my favorite final girl, Bernie makes a devilishly campy second bad guy, Hodder was never more menacing, the TV death is still just BRUTAL and I think the whole cast is pretty enjoyable. The thing that always holds it back are the cuts, and it's such a shame because Buechler is an effects god that the stuff on the MPAA floor is probably on par with the Savini stuff we still revere. Even with the cuts though, the kills in 7 are pretty inventive. It's just a damn fun movie. These days, for me, my ranking is probably:

II, TFC, I, VII, V, 3D, VI, VIII, JX, FVJ, JGTH......................Remake
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