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Originally Posted by spawningblue View Post
As well, I believe it is also missing these extras:

Behind The Scenes Footage & Outtakes (18 mins) *This footage was pretty much incorporated into the longer Treasure from the Cutting Room Floor doc. I believe
There are pieces missing.

I know.

I sat through the entire 1-hour or so of the Treasures on the Cutting Room Floor reel and then rewatched the 18 minute reel and found at least a couple bits were missing.

I'll probably do this again this year. I'm very meticulous about this kind of thing. In fact, I wish like frick I knew how to transfer VHS to DVD- I would have uploaded the missing Nightmare on Elm Street interview clips from the 1999 boxset onto YouTube some time ago. I'm the only person I know who actually sat down and made notes of what was on the VHS's that wasn't on the DVD's.
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