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Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
I assure everyone I'm not trying to be a curmudgeon. But I've never been a fan of this series.
Not just you, buddy, but then again, I'm not a fan of any of the "franchise" horror films, in that I have to see every single entry in the series. Haven't seen an Elm Street, Hellraiser or a Halloween past #3 in each of those, and in many series (Howling, Children of the Corn, Candyman), I've only seen the first.

Oddly enough, I've probably seen the most F13 films, regardless of my "anti-franchise" attitude. I think I've seen up to part 6, and the remake (which was only because friends of mine were going). As for this poll, I'm torn between 1 and 2, even though I voted for 4 in the first incarnation of this poll. 2 is pretty fast paced, I probably watched it a million times on cable in the summer of 82. And after watching the Blu-Ray a little while ago, it still holds up.

But I think I'm gonna go with 1, even though it does drag a bit. One reason is a story I've told before, where I saw it theatrically in 2008, and enjoyed listening to the audience go from laughs to actual screams as the movie got more serious. The other is as Egg_Shen mentioned, that first time viewers are surprised when Mrs. Vorhees is revealed as the killer. This is one of those rare times that adding some twist for sequels (I.E., Laurie Strode being Michael Myers' sister in Halloween, the long lost Jason taking over as the killer in F13) becomes so ingrained into the casual viewer that it actually makes the first film work BETTER since they were expecting something that is an established fact in all the sequels. Not sure if that last sentence made sense.

So yeah, the first film.
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