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Check out our new podcast "The Horror and More! Podcast"

Hey guys!

Some of you may have noticed me mention it a few times on here, but the podcast my friend and I recently started is now finally up and running! We have two episodes released so far, one covering the Prom Night series, and one on Evil Televisions (Video Dead, Terrorvision, Remote Control and Stay Tuned). You can subscribe and download the episodes on iTunes, or if you don't use iTunes they are also available for streaming or download on our site ( As well we have a Facebook page and Twitter (@HorrorandMore) that you can LIKE!

If you are bored and want to check us out I would greatly appreciate it, and if you have any questions or comments you may have regarding the podcast feel free to comment on here or through our e-mail or any of the other options listed above. I won't take anything personal and I know this podcast isn't perfect, but hopefully as we go on we will only get better. I know my favourite podcasts were pretty terrible for the first 10 or so episodes so there is still hope haha.
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The Horror and More! Podcast

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