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And just a few things to note before you judge us too harshly haha,

Sound Quality - I feel the quality of the podcast is pretty good, better then most, but it obviously won't compare to those with unlimited funds. The truth is we are doing this on the cheap so we don't have $300 microphones or anything. So please keep that in mind! We are still figuring out what levels to record at, and editing audio is all new to me as well. Again though, I feel it is definitely above average, and easily listenable. Oh, and I admit I don't have a radio voice, what can you do?

Conversation - As I mention in the notes, if you are looking for an in depth podcast that really digs in and analyses the films, I will be straight up and tell you this podcast probably isn't for you. We are just fans that love films and if you have read any of my thoughts or comments on here you know what to expect. I'm not saying we are complete dumb asses or anything haha, I just want you to go in with realistic expectations. As strange as it is, I am still a little nervous on mic, and sometimes I will jabber on about nothing and forget the point I was trying to make. We are also testing the format, and how much plot of the movie we should cover. The first episode I feel followed the plots a little too closely, but I feel we loosened up a bit with the second. Again, this is something that we will figure out over time.

Everything else - The wesbite still has some issues. The truth is I have been self teaching myself how to create a website with no experience whatsoever, and no clue what half the terms mean. Everything seems to work okay though, and other then it looking a little weird on mobiles, I am happy with it.

This whole thing has been nothing but a huge learning experience for me. Whether it be learning how to draw (I drew the main pic we have been using, I haven't really drawn since I was a child), learning Photoshop and Gimp (Mainly to colour said pic), Audacity (To edit podcast), Wordpress (To create website), Tagger, getting the podcast on iTunes, ect. If I knew how hard all of this would have been I don't know if I would have bothered haha, but it's been a great learning experience and I'm happy to say that I have done it.

Anyways, I know this is a whole lot of explaining (I guess I am really self-conscious), I just hope some of you will give it a fair chance, as again it has been a lot of work getting it started. But again, any feedback is much appreciated!
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