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From Shout!'s Facebook!:

"An official update on our Bruce Lee box set: our new version of the Bruce Lee Legacy Collection contains the following differences from the one originally produced but withdrawn before street date:

-Correct pairing of disc label art and media for discs 10 and 11, which had inadvertently been swapped on the original release.
-New Blu-rays for The Big Boss, Fist Of Fury, Way Of The Dragon. Contrary to speculation circulating on the Internet, the original set did contain hi-def masters of the first three feature films. However, after comments from fans who had received early copies of our set, we discovered that our sources were not the recently restored transfers used for the Blu-rays in Hong Kong and Japan, but rather the original masters done a few years ago in Canada. We therefore acquired the improved masters (the master for Games of Death was not appreciably different), and have included them on this new set, for a truly definitive Bruce Lee collection.

Thank you all very much for hanging in there while we made these changes--we know it hasn't been easy, but we didn't want to announce the details officially until we knew for sure what we were able to include. The new street date for the set is 10/22--for the people who ordered from and received early copies, replacement discs will be issued."
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