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Night School is a beautiful movie. Mark Irwin, who was Cronenberg's DP for years, really gives it a beautiful aesthetic. Not really gory, but the camera does such a fine job creating interesting set pieces during the kills that it's really worth the look.

Killer Party is a real mixed bag, you can tell it was really shaken around during post-production. There are some very strong moments, though, and the ending particularly goes in a pretty bold and satisfying direction.

Sole Survivor is a fine film, I reviewed it here on the site when it first came out. The predecessor to Final Destination.

The Final Terror I haven't seen in ages - wish it would get a legit DVD. Has its moments though, and any slasher set at a camp is worth the watch. Probably more interesting for all the before-they-were-famous people involved than for the film itself, but still alright.

Girls Night Out is a fun campus slasher. Its legacy lies in the bear suit. Review on the site.

The Toolbox Murders has a wicked opening, then gets kind of 70s Made for TV maudlin, but still an overall decent watch. I've also reviewed this on the site.

Dr. Phibes is a masterpiece that really holds up today. Also reviewed on the site. One of the essential horror films, in my eyes. Get this one for sure.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie is dated with 70s politics and a zoomy aesthetic, but it definitely has some iconic moments. I prefer the Blind Dead films if we're talking about early Euro zombie flicks, but this one should get a watch. Great ending to this as I remember. Reviewed on the site.

Silent Scream is pretty fun. Nothing really stands out, but it's a solid 7/10. Reviewed on the site.

Funeral Home and Mortuary I get confused on a regular basis, but both of them are just kind of okay. Not essential, really. Would love some good DVD releases for these though.

Deathdream is a slow burn but a pretty sad and moving horror flick. Reviewed on the site. I'd say it's essential watching for fans of 70s horror because of its themes and the way Bob Clark works his touch, but it's probably not one you're going to watch time and again.

Hope that helps!
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