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Night School - Great slasher movie that has been given new life on DVD-R. Visually stimulating and detailed. 7/10 Look out for the jazzy electronic music in the cafe, and of course Carol.

Killer Party - A mess. Nice leads but I still haven't warmed up to it yet. 5/10

Mortuary - It loses steam where it should pick some up, but you can do a lot worse. Go for it.

Silent Scream - For something with a production hell history, this turned out to be a fun slasher even with its strange pacing. Scotty's 70s clothes are admirable. 7/10

Evil Laugh - Ok. Really stupid but homoerotic in ways that Freddy would be half proud of.

Girls Nite Out - Classic slasher film. As long as you don't expect F13 and you ignore some of the annoying characters ("BEAVER!") this may surprise you. Or not.

Funeral Home - Haven't seen it in like 7 years but for something not very eventful it kept my interest.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie - Not Seen

The House with the Laughing Windows - Disturbing. The Latin and the mystery makes this one of my top 100 horror films.

The Final Terror - Grows on you. Disappointing first watch, plus very dark. But has a wonderful woodsy feel.

The Toolbox Murders - Not great, but better than average. I think that it's the type of film that could only work in the 70s-early 80s.

Night of the Comet - It's pretty good. Easier to watch if you're new into horror, but still fun.

Sole Survivor - Love this sleeper! Genuinely creepy.

Deathdream - Not Seen

The Abominable Dr. Phibes - It's a classic but also sort of dull. Price has much better films before and after. Look for Madhouse 1974 if you want a 70s classic Vincent killer.
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