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Hey bud, just tore through that PROM NIGHT podcast and I had a really good time. I actually quite liked the light tone and sort of humbleness of opinion that the two of you bring. The love for the genre comes through, and it's nice to just be a fly on the wall listening in. I like how you add in some trivia, summarize the essentials (kill count, nudity, availability, etc.) and give the films quantifiable ratings. As a fan of the entire PROM NIGHT series, I think you did each film justice in your coverage.

If there's some feedback I can offer it would be to try and keep your "now watching" segment off the top a little more brief. It clocked in at around 45 minutes, and there are podcasts out there that aren't even that long! It's not that what you guys were talking about was boring or anything - I had some chuckles, and a little surprise at the revelation that one of you hadn't seen Airplane before, but the way it is structured now it could go on forever. I'd try to limit it to horror films to save some time and bring us to the main section quicker. I'd also say that you guys should try some kind of other segment somewhere in the podcast as well - whether it's a topical top 5 list or something, or maybe a pick or shout out to a recent DVD/Bluray release, or something like that. A lot of the other horror podcasts have some extra segment that sort of helps define the style and character of their show, so that could help you guys carve out an identity too. The podcast is solid as it is though, so take what you will!

Great work though, I'm really looking forward to all the other retrospectives you'll be offering up and I appreciate that you're picking films that are still somewhat accessible despite being largely forgotten. I gave you guys a tweet and a follow on our Twitter profile, hope the rest of you horror fans out here support spawningblue and his co-host (not a member?).
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