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Night School-Saw it ages ago,remember it being well shot and atmospheric.A rare example of an 80's slasher being directed by an old pro.Ken Hughes directed it,he did BIG pictures like CROMWELL and CHITTY,CHITTY BANG BANG in the 60's.This was his last film.

Killer Party-remember this as being nutty but kinda fun.Canadian co-production,got a skimpy release,out on DVDR now.

Mortuary -I own it but haven't watched it yet,need a refresher.Remember liking it.

Silent Scream-Slow but moody,atmospheric.Bonus points for horror vets Yvonne DeCarlo and ....

Girls Nite Out-Kinda fun,cheap but has some atmosphere.A curio with it's oldies soundtrack.Bonus points for Hal Holbrook and Rutanya Alda.The ending is rather creepy.

The Final Terror-Not bad backwoods slasher,kinda late to the party.Fun to play "spot the future star".

Night of the Comet-Very 80's (in a good way),quirky,clever,fun cast.If you enjoyed NIGHT OF THE CREEPS you'll enjoy this.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes-Classic Price,stylish and witty,macabre but often funny.Great cast,sets and score.The sequel isn't quite as good but is still fun.Same director did AND SOON THE DARKNESS and THE DEVILS RAIN.Robert Fuest,passed away recently.Was the art director on the classic Brit series THE AVENGERS.

I've seen most of the others but not in a VERY long time,wouldn't want to comment on them.

Good luck !
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