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I think zombies have finally run their least for me anyways...probably not a good thing either with a new season of The Walking Dead getting set to air and also the re-release of Day of the Dead onto BD which I really wanted to dive right into after World War Z, but...

Wolrd War Z is bad. I mean you know something's run its course when it gets the bloated, over produced, blockbuster treatment. Even Brad Pitt felt awkwardly out of place in this flick. World War Z resembled almost something like a 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later remake directed by Michael just one boring melodrama and absurdly over the top action sequence after another with neither of the two being all that entertaining or engaging.

It even felt weird when they called the infected zombies. It was sort of comical. Speaking of which, I don't mind fast zombies when they are done right...28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later are both fine examples. But the virus in World War Z somehow makes humans into super human...watching zombies practically fly in the air, or fall from buildings straight onto cars only to get up and sprint like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck is really stretching the imagination. I mean, does this virus also give them T-800 endoskeletons?

Ugghh..I really wanted to watch that Day of the Dead BD, but this flick just frustrated me so and really put me off of zombies for awhile.
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