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Originally Posted by Mok View Post
I can't believe there hasn't been more hype for this film. I feel like yelling at all of you like Chris Farley from the Herlihy boy sketch, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, YOU'VE GOT TO SEE ASYLUM BLACKOUT!" I don't want to convince you by telling you any plot points or what it reminds me of, or what standing this quality of horror falls in line with. In fact I say get it blindly without reading anything about it. The title is enough. I think that as horror fans you owe it to yourselves to check this one out.

I'll only say this, it actually caused people to faint while watching it:
I'd venture to guess that this occurred not only because these people might have been particularly weak-stomached, but because of the caliber of filmmaking may have been something they weren't expecting for a "horror" genre film.

Pretty sure this one's a keeper in anyone's collection.

I gave it a brief review in my midnight madness 2011 thread. It went under the title "The Incident" then. I did think it was great. Sadly no north american blu-ray though.
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