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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
The book and the movie are completely different. However, I enjoyed them both thoroughly.
I've heard that this is the case and, having just seen the movie and enjoyed it, I am very interested in its origins.

What I liked most about the movie story is that it had a much more interesting premise as far as reality-based options and solutions as far as disease. I mean, yeah, the super-zombies and plane crash were unrealistic: it's a zombie movie, it's not real life. When people nit-pick and start complaining about what could or could never really happen during a zombie apocalypse I have to laugh.

I'm really glad that the swarming effects seem to have come a long way since the first trailers I saw (which looked dreadful and caused me to skip it theatrically).

I also love it when a movie doesn't wrap everything up in a happy, pretty bow a la 28 DAYS LATER.

I am also curious about all of the different store-specific versions--looks like they pulled a STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS as far as that goes. Paramount can suck me.
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