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Originally Posted by Myron Breck View Post
I mean, yeah, the super-zombies and plane crash were unrealistic: it's a zombie movie, it's not real life. When people nit-pick and start complaining about what could or could never really happen during a zombie apocalypse I have to laugh.
I'm pretty sure this comment was directed towards me, so let me retort. It's not nitpicking when your entire movie revolves around creating a realistic viral outbreak and trying to sell what could actually happen if a "real life" zombie apocalypse did occur... Then you have these creatures that are able to defy physics, gravity, and every other single theory of science in existence... I mean, it really doesn't bode well for selling the "real life" threat and terror that you are trying to convey through your film. Not to mention, its assuming the intelligence of your audience,... which is kind of offensive.

The whole tone of the film was serious, serious, serious...and when the zombies were on screen it was pure comedy. It was almost slapsticky...I was waiting for the Benny Hill music.

Like I said, I have no problem with trying to create a new "type" of zombie when done right. I don't believe there is a written law on what constitutes a zombie or a set of rules of how one should act...(because as you said they do not exist in real life). But the WWZ zombies were completely inconsistent. 3 bullets to the chest takes down one of these guys, but a 10 story fall onto a car?... not so much.

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