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well, it's all over kids. Dexter has come to an end, and the finale has left me very cold. Sure, things didn't fall neatly into place as I feared, but I'm confused and dissatisfied with how they decided to end what was a great series.
I was shocked that they killed off Debra. Considering how much they turned her character around for the worst, I had an awful feeling she would be the one coming to Dexter's rescue at the very last minute. What I don't understand is, well, pretty much everything else. Why the hell on Earth did Dexter take her from the hospital and bury her at sea? How did no one, despite the insanity, not notice a civilian carting off a patient and taking that body onto his boat? How did Dexter survive driving his boat into a full blown hurricane? Why is no one at Miami Metro the least bit concerned that Debra went missing? And why, for the love of God, did they end this series on such an underwhelming final shot that is nothing more than a 10 second screen dissolve?

If you watched the finale, I'm sure you are asking the same questions I am. I'm really disappointed with all of this. Dexter was, in my mind, always leading to a crash course between him and Debra, and I well forever feel cheated for not seeing this scenario play out.
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