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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
I probably picked Part 2 last time but now I prefer 3. I love the atmosphere of 2 more but the kills just aren't very interesting. You can tell that it was severely cut.
The kills aren't interesting in Part 2?! It has two of the best kills in the series. The wheelchair one and the spear through two people.

Originally Posted by rhett View Post
II has been my go-to for years, and it's still probably my favorite, but I have to admit that of late THE NEW BLOOD really has risen up the scale for me. There's a lot I love about VII. Lar is my favorite final girl, Bernie makes a devilishly campy second bad guy, Hodder was never more menacing, the TV death is still just BRUTAL and I think the whole cast is pretty enjoyable. The thing that always holds it back are the cuts, and it's such a shame because Buechler is an effects god that the stuff on the MPAA floor is probably on par with the Savini stuff we still revere. Even with the cuts though, the kills in 7 are pretty inventive. It's just a damn fun movie. These days, for me, my ranking is probably:
Is the TV death you mention the one when Jason gives the axe to the pretty but b-word blonde girl then throws her over the TV? That is rough. The best thing about Kane Hodder is the anger he plays Jason with.

I picked Friday the 13th Part 6. I like Part 2 a lot. But I think the atmosphere and the classic hockey mask really push Part 6 to the top. The music is great too. Perhaps remembering Part 6 the most from when I was young helps too. I don't remember which Friday the 13th I saw first. I only remember small bits and pieces.

Part 1 - I remember the twist.

Part 2 - I remember the Ginny, Terry's nude scene, and the unclear ending.

Part 3 - I didn't remember much at all.

Part 4 - Another unclear one. But I remember a lot of people going through windows.

Part 5 - I remember the black guy singing in the outhouse and the kid running like the road runner when Jason shows up. Also, that one guy singing a swear word song when the car won't start. And probably most importantly that it wasn't Jason in the end.

Part 6 - I remembered this one the most. Pretty much the whole movie.

Part 7 - I only recently saw this one completely uncut. Perhaps in the last 5 to 7 years.

Part 8 - I probably remember this one the most after Part 6.

That's where my young experience with Jason stopped.

My ranking would be:

Part 6, Part 2, Part 8, Jason X, Freddy vs. Jason, then everything else. After that it's sort the favorite moments or something.

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