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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated! I'm glad to hear you both liked it, feedback has been mostly positive so far and the downloads have been more than I could have ever expected! And as noted, I know it's far from perfect but hopefully as we go on we can work out some of these quirks.

As for your thoughts.

Horrorphilly I will start with yours.

You're right, there are times when we get a little scatter brained haha. This episode especially as it was edited from two recordings. The first recording we thought dragged on a little too much (Yes, even more than this edit if you can believe it). For the second recording we wanted to narrow it down a little and not go through every plot detail. Unfortunately due to the busy-ness of summer, it was almost a month later before we did the re-recording, so not only were the movies not as fresh in our minds, but since we were repeating our thoughts it was a little confusing as to what we had talked about or not. The second episode is hopefully better, but I admit there are still moments where our thoughts become a little jumbled. This is something I hope we will get better with as we do these, and as my nervousness subsides haha.

As for Italian Zombie flicks I'm sure that will be in the cards as we are both huge fans of them! We have most of the episodes set up for the next few months with Oct. and than Christmas upon us, but that is something I would love to tackle in the New Year. With Nightmare City and Hell of the Living Dead hitting Blu in the coming months, I can't see a better time!


You're right, the "Recently Watched" section was really long in the first episode, possibly even for the second episode as well. By the third it should be narrowed down and more of the norm, as in a few movies each (We hope to put out a new episode b-weekly). The reasoning as mentioned above is this episode was edited from two recordings a month apart. Even though I edited the Prom Night retro, I kept most of the "What We Have Been Watching" section from both, probably because I was worried the retro part may be a little boring, so in that time frame we watched a LOT of movies, myself especially. Again though, now that we are up and running bi-weekly, that section should be a lot shorter.

As for the overall time, my girlfriend said the same haha, way too long! Mind you, she has never really listened to a podcast, and doesn't like horror movies. I personally think two hours is a good length as my favourite podcasts (Horror Etc., Profondo Cinema, Hysteria Lives, After Movie Diner) are min. two hours, some of them 3+. I guess it's a preference thing, and maybe we haven't earned that length yet haha. We don't really have a set time, but all three recordings have seemed to get to that length. Maybe I can better edit them a little tighter? We are trying something different for the month of Oct. though so hopefully they will be shorter.

And last but not least, as for another segment, I totally agree! We have talked about this and will try something for the Oct. episodes and see what people think. We have tried to stay away from talking about anything news related as I find at least for me, when I find out about a new podcast, I like to go back and listen to their back catalog and anything news related is usually pretty boring. It definitely needs something to mix it up though, that's for sure!

Either way thanks for the feedback guys! I do truly appreciate it and am taking it all into consideration. Hearing that the podcast is great from friends is nice to hear, but hearing what doesn't work from regular folk is even more important. Some people have loved the "What We've Been Watching" section, but found the retro half dragged on a little, others the opposite. It's all about trying to find that right balance I guess.

As for who I am. I am Kyle, the dude with a bit of a slur that tends to for some odd reason drop words out of a sentence haha (Also the one that hadn't seen Airplane ). I would say as of right now, I am the one that leads the podcast along, while my friend Matty is the one that has the quick wit and drops a lot of the jokes. Hopefully he will start talking a little more though as I feel he is the star of the show. He unfortunately isn't a member from this site as he isn't on a computer very much and his phone is from the stone age before searching on the net was actually reasonable to do.
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