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I've only seen a few of these...

Evil Laugh - I haven't seen this years, and I watched it when I hadn't really dipped into the lower caliber slashers. Taking that into account, I found it really dull and low budget. I might throw this in for Oct. though and give it a second chance now that I have seen a lot more of the lesser slashers.

Girls Nite Out - I had a lot of fun this one. Great idea with the killings taking place during an all night college scavenger hunt. Also, the killer wears a bear suit with knifes for claws, how awesome is that?

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie - One of the better zombie movies in my opinion, although it is much different and a little slower paced then the standard formula.

Night of the Comet - This is another movie that I need to give another viewing before I judge it too harshly, but I remember being disappointed with this one especially after all the hype. It's has a cool premise though and is definitely a product of the 80s which is a good thing to me. I can't wait to check it out again with Scream's Bluray of this.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes - Amazing movie, one of Price's best! Price gets revenge of those responsible for his wife's death using the ten plagues of Egypt as inspiration.
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