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Night School - Decent slasher, bought the WB Archive release without hesitation.
Killer Party - It was just OK for me. More silly entertainment than horror.
Mortuary - I need to rewatch, but I recall my initial viewing back in the day left me very bored.
Silent Scream - must have, fun slasher.
Evil Laugh - The cheese factor in this is too good to pass up. Worth it for $4 I paid for it.
Girls Nite Out - Good 80's slasher given everything else that came out in that time period.
Funeral Home - good creepiness to it, but that's about it. slow paced, but good. Needs a real DVD release.
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie - must have zombie creepy fun.
The House with the Laughing Windows - haven't seen it.
The Final Terror - one of my favorites, must own but needs a better DVD release.
The Toolbox Murders - haven't seen it.
Night of the Comet - people seem to like this more than I do. I think it plays like an ABC TV movie. It's entertaining enough, but not a must for me.
Sole Survivor - Not one of the greatest CodeRed releases, but fairly well done and a decent watch. You're not missing much if you skip it, but shouldn't be regretting if you do get it.
Deathdream - I revisited this recently and found it to be really good. I like it. Creepy story and definitely somewhat sad.
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