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Good call-out for Eerie Vol. 14, which releases this week:

Eerie Archives Vol. 14: This newest Warren magazine collection from Dark Horse warrants some caution; insofar as issues #65-69 of the original run are collected, a solid 1/5 of the content in here is replicated from the publisher’s Eerie Presents El Cid hardcover from last year, which picked up all the bits & pieces of a Gonzalo Mayo-illustrated fantasy series, while a not inconsiderable portion of the rest is Paul Neary Hunter material, which Dark Horse has also given its own collection. That said, you will find a good 20 pages of Alex Toth in here, along with some prime Josť Ortiz, and a smattering of Esteban Maroto and Berni Wrightson, the latter via his classic The Muck Monster; $49.99.

As I own both the El Cid and Hunter collections, this volume isn't as exciting to me.
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