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Originally Posted by vampyr789 View Post
Tell me about Humanoids from the Deep, California Axe Murders, Anthropophagus, Madhouse, Island of Death and the Night Train Murders?

I've already seen it and don't liking it much the first time, but should I give The Funhouse another chance? I haven't seen it in a long time.
Humanoids from the Deep -cheesy sleezy fun, must have.
California Axe Murders - cheap 70's exploitation of sorts, worth a watch, but can be somewhat dull.
Anthropophagus -good zombie flick. must have.
Madhouse - Assuming you mean "There was a Little Girl", I've only watched it once a while back and thought it was a decent slasher from that great era.
Island of Death - So sleazy and funny, I found it to be a must have. Not for the faint of heart.
Night Train Murders - never seen it.
Funhouse - must have, cmon guy.
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