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Sleepy Hollow (TV)

Caught the first episode on Hulu last night and found it pretty impressive and not at all what I expected.

The basic premise is Ichabod Crane has been "asleep" for 200+ years and wakes up in contemporary Sleepy Hollow. And so does the Headless Horseman. And now it's up to Ichabod to stop him.

The opening is a bit too derivative of Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" films, both in the camerawork and the score. But, as the episode went on, it got a lot more interesting. The show puts the Headless Horseman into a larger mythology that is pretty intriguing.

They are definitely going after the "Supernatural" fans with this one. And I have to say, this first episode got me pretty excited. The characters are all pretty interesting. It's directed by Len Wiseman and he brings his usual polish to the action sequences, even if he's still not the most creative director out there. I am very intrigued in seeing how the larger story plays out.
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