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Sweet, I signed it and sent the link to a few FB friends

We need a few more of these. The ones that come to mind are:

RZ Halloween II - Apparently he shot an extensive amount of behind the sense footage which from what I remember reading was already cut into a doco yet never released on the H2 disc.

Nightmare on Elm Street remake - By the sounds of what I've read it seems the cut we ended up with was a producers cut which sucked a big load of balls. I'd love to see the film as the director intended which judging by all the footage I've seen looked a great deal better and interesting.

The Thing prequel - Basically I want to see the film released in a cut that has all the practical effects back in. They shot with those effects so they should be on the negatives to this. It's insulting to fans and lovers of practical effects in general that these wonderful effects go unseen.
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